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„Plant productivity and food safety: Soil science, Microbiology, Agricultural Genetics and Food quality” 15-17.09.2021 r.

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The aim of on-line conference is to enable the exchange of knowledge, views and scientific experience in terms of the sustainable soil use and the maintenance of a microbiome favorable to plant development as a key factors for preserve tolerence of plants against adverse environmental conditions and to maintain their high productivity.

The six thematic panels will broadly discuss new research trends in plant microbiome and the effect of abiotic factors on their growth and development, in obtaining plants safe for health with increased nutrational value, the use of biocontol and biofortification factors in plant crops and the need to monitoring changes in the soil environment in order to achive sustainable management of this natural resource. The conference will be an opportunity to present global and national activities in the field in improving the latest food production technologies, analyzing the properties of the food products and the safety of their production, storage and use. The conference will include workshops about the use of GIS techniques in environmental and ecological research enabling independent spatial analysis using QGIS program.

We very much look forward to your participation!

Prof. dr hab. Katarzyna Hrynkiewicz

and Organizing Committee


Conference webside: soil-micro.umk.pl/Konferencja

contact as: soil-micro@umk.pl

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